About Makerwiz

Founded in 2014 by Peter Lau, PhD (“Dr. Makemake”), Makerwiz is a creative enterprise dedicated to promoting the Maker Movement by fostering the knowledge and application of emerging educational technologies such as 3D printing, drone robotics and wearable electronics, thereby empowering a new generation of makers and inventors. Our motto is “Inspiring Boundless Creativity” and our slogan is “3D 3ducation 3xpert”.

Makerwiz provides training programs in our one-of-a-kind STEAM Educational Space. We are a provider of 3D printing services, equipments and creations to the Toronto 3D Printing community and beyond. Our company is also highly supportive of makerspaces and their members across in Canada with special offers and promotions for makers of all stripes. Makerwiz is Canadian dealer for over 20 major players in the digital fabrication industry, including internationally prominent manufacturers such as Anycubic, BEEVERYCREATIVE, CraftBotFilabot, Kudo3D, LulzBot, MakerBot, Peopoly, Prusa Research, ZMorph, and many others.

Firstly, Makerwiz is at heart an educational company. We conduct many maker and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) workshops and camps covering many hot topics (including 3D printing, 3D scanning, 3D design, laser engraving, CNC milling, robotics, drones, etc.) on site and at our clients’ locations. For upcoming classes and events, feel free to browse our newsletter, event listing or just give us a call!

Secondly, Makerwiz is also an active member of the 3D printing community in Toronto. We specialize in providing affordable rapid prototyping services to startups and small and medium enterprises. We are also collaborative partners with various makerspaces, schools and public libraries in Ontario and across Canada. For a free consultation on your special project, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or request a quote!

Thirdly, Makerwiz is Canadian dealer of quality products from many major players in the digital fabrication industry. Our suppliers include distinguished brands such as MakerBot, LulzBot, CraftBot, BEEVERYCREATIVE, Prusa Research, ZMorph, Filabot, ColorFabb, Proto-Pasta, 3Doodler, DJI, and many more. Your choice from our comprehensive product listing can never go wrong because we only carry award-winning products with highly positive reviews. For our product info, browse around this site to see our featured brands or visit our web store at store.makerwiz.com!

We are located in Venture X at 120 East Beaver Creek Road, Suite 200 on the 2nd Floor. There are ample parking spaces in front of and behind our building.