MakerBot Fundamentals Course



    • Makerwiz is one of the few companies in the world authorized to give MakerBot Trainings, putting us on the forefront of the spread and adoption of this new technology in the classroom. Our trainers have received extensive hands-on instruction from MakerBot which enables us to deliver high-quality training on MakerBot products. We have access to training materials and resources for setting up and delivering MakerBot classes including the MakerBot Fundamentals Course
    • The MakerBot Fundamentals Course is an interactive exploration of the MakerBot 3D Ecosystem. The three and a half hour course will get you up to speed on your MakerBot products. The training is more than an unboxing and set-up, and will dive into 3D model creation and how to best optimize a 3D printer for classroom use. 
    • Please get in touch if you’re interested in MakerBot 3D Printer training with a purchase of new equipment or with 3D Printers you already have.

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