Exploring 3D Resources Online

In this workshop participants will learn how to source existing designs from the best 3D databases on the Internet.  These include Thingiverse, Autodesk 123D, SketchFab, Turbo Squid, and resources from established organizations like NASA and NIH, among others.

With the explosive growth of 3D printing and 3D modelling these days, new 3D sites appear online everyday.  Therefore, personal exploration and sharing with the group are encouraged.  Besides design libraries, other online resources in 3D printing will also be discussed, including the best newsletters, books and magazines, 3D printing services and other important websites.  The aim is to allow new makers to gain more hands-on experience in accessing resources for desktop 3D printing.


  • Familarize with the most common 3D databases online
  • explore and share 3D files from other established sources
  • Introduction to offline resources in 3D printing


Participants must bring their own laptop computers for this workshop.