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Strong Groot

Spring Forward to New Store and New Brands!

Good news to all friends and fans of Makerwiz! As April approaches and the weather warms up, we are bring you a new online store based on amazing Shopify technology, plus loads of new products from notable 3D brands!

This Spring, we are introducing 3D printers from CraftUnique, FormLabs and PrintrBot. These leading manufacturers augment our already stellar lineups from 3D Systems, BEEVERYCREATIVE and MakerBot. In terms of 3D printing supplies, we are introducing filaments from BotFeeder, ColorFabb, NinjaTek and Taulman. Again, these quality suppliers expand our existing offerings from BVC, MakerBot and Proto-Pasta. Last but not least, we are introducing the Filabot Industrial Reclaimer for the sake of environmental stewardship. Now this is gearing up to be one exciting season!

On another note, 3D Hubs Toronto monthly pub nites have been switched to the third Wednesday of each month, starting in March. On April 20, however, there will be no pub nite as we will be hosting a ColorFabb/3D Hubs “Co-polyester for 3D Printing” Workshop at the fantastic new makerspace NewMakeIt north of Toronto. Come join us and share your joy of 3D printing with fellow enthusiasts, get great filament samples, and tour this provincially-funded one-of-a-kind facility combining a training centre, a co-working space and a comprehensive makerspace. Talking about killing three birds with one stone!

Here’s to a strong and healthy Spring!